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We are Brent, Jen, Amy and Christopher Hautle, serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship®. We are in a state of transition right now, as we’re moving from the CEF European regional office to the CEF International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri. We serve with the Multimedia department to bring the Word of God to children across the globe.


-Brent and Jen

Are we still alive?!?

Yes! The answer is yes. I’m embarrassed, I mean really embarrassed at not posting for nine months. So what have we been up to? Well, aside from Brent’s job at the CEF International Headquarters, we’ve been volunteering with the local CEF chapter, helping on the local CEF committee, volunteering at CEF’s correspondence course ministry, running sound at church, playing congas on the church worship team, attending Wednesday evening prayer time, helping at AWANA, raising and nurturing our children and finishing our basement. Besides work and sleep, the basement job has been, by far, the thing that has taken most of our time. In fact, on Father’s day, Christopher had a “Daddy’s favorite” list. My favorite thing to do—according to him—is work on the basement. We really need to have a long talk!

But we’re getting close to finishing, as you can see here:

Basement progress 1

Basement progress 2 Basement progress 3

Day Camp

Ezekiel strode in, telling his story in a raspy voice of an aged man. “I saw a great valley … filled with dried bones! It was a vision from the Lord.” The children watched intently as the great prophet shared how the Lord gave him the vision as well as the words to say to make them come alive.”

OK, so it really was me, but it was a lot of fun! Helping at the Child Evangelism Fellowship® day camp in Valley View, Pa. was a blast! Not only did we share the missions time each day, but Jen helped at craft time, I was a different Old Testament character each day, telling their story (and having fun coming up with a different voice for each day. Jen said I sounded too much like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings movies), we made snow cones each day, helped corral the red team boys (who had way too much energy) and gave a hand wherever it was needed.

Amy and Christopher enjoyed taking part in camp, and had fun learning memory verses, playing games, singing songs and shopping at the camp store.

Praise God, several decisions for Christ were made, and the Word of God was given several times each day.

Thanks for praying!


A very, very, very fine house

An older photo of the front of our house, taken when we initially saw it in August last year.

I had fun singing this in the hallway at work with a coworker. Yes, we finally have a house. In March, Jen and I decided we were going to give up on the house we had been pursuing. It was not moving along at all, and the housing market was getting worse. We started looking at other houses, and in fact, went to one twice. It was a real fixer-upper and we were praying hard about it. Then we got word things with the original house were actually starting to move and were asked if we wanted it or not. We said “yes”. After a few weeks of submitting more paperwork and waiting … we received a closing date. After eight months, we finally have a house!

That is the great news. The timing of it … was pretty funny. We signed for the house on Friday, April 26. On April 27, we moved most of our stuff from the old house to the new one. On April 28, we had a prayer walk through the house. On April 29, I flew to Switzerland. For two weeks. Alone. Ugh.

That’s like taking a child to Hershey’s Chocolate World for a grand total of 24 seconds.

So I flew back to our home of nine years in preparation for the Child Evangelism Fellowship® European Conference. It was such a bittersweet feeling for me. Don’t get me wrong … it was so good to see coworkers and friends again after a year-long absence. It was good to see mountains once more. It was just so odd not having Jen and the kids with me. I’ll leave the conference for another post. If I ever get to it!

Chatting via Skype during those two weeks, Jen seemed to have taken charge, arranging for larger items to be moved, the lawn mowed, appliances delivered. She had fun, and especially enjoyed unpacking. When I arrived, I felt as though I was truly home. What a blessed feeling.

Ukraine part 2

Ukraine 2013

Photos of Brent's trip to the Ukraine in March 2013 to teach CEF workers to use page layout software.

[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-01.jpg]4390Our class
Seven students from five countries took the software course.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-02.jpg]340Trip to a print shop
This gives the students a chance to see how a print shop operates and helps them understand how their projects will be printed.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-03.jpg]240Our classroom
At the CEF national office in Irpen, Ukraine
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-04.jpg]280Clock at the Metro Station
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-05.jpg]270Statue of starving child
This commemorates the famines caused by Soviet communism which killed millions of Ukrainians.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-06.jpg]170Church tower detail
I could have done an entire day of photo studies of this particular tower. It was exquisite!
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-07.jpg]220Bell carving
The ancient Cyrillic in the bell carving is a good display of typographic craftmanship.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-08.jpg]170The Motherland
The huge statue built during Soviet rule.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-09.jpg]170Kiev's Gateway Arch
I thought St. Louis was the only place that had one! This arch signifies the friendship between Russia and the Ukraine.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-10.jpg]150Ornate tower
I never noticed it was leaning until after I took the photo.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-11.jpg]140Just in time
I had taken several hand-held shots of this which didn't turn out too well until they turned the lights on. Even without a tripod, this semi-long exposure turned out fairly well.
[img src=http://www.hautle.org/wp-content/flagallery/ukraine-2013/thumbs/thumbs_ukraine-trip-12.jpg]210The subway.
A beautiful display hundreds of feet underground.

Sleep actually came on the overnight flight! That’s not usual, so I was very happy to have it. It certainly helped in the following days. I was grateful to walk out of the customs area of the Kiev-Borispol airport with all my luggage and to see Igor and Iris waving at me. Taking me on a quick tour of Kiev, we made our way to Irpen, where the CEF national office is. Meeting my students one by one they were all eager to start class! We took care of setting up the classroom and doing some “housecleaning” and bright and early Monday morning, we got started.

I always begin my design software courses with a class on the printing process, explaining how a printing press operates, how the prepress workflow works and fun terms like “bleed” “CMYK” and “resolution”. Typography also gets covered, albeit, quickly. Then we’re off to InDesign, Bridge, basic photography, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. This class was a difficult one for me – not the students – but the course itself, as there were major changes between the previous version of the Adobe Creative Suite we used for many years in Europe (CS3) and the new one we just upgraded to (CS6). I was learning new things each day, but it made it fun.

My interpreter, Yana, was a huge help and a blessing. I think her head was swimming on day one, but she seemed more at ease the longer we went.

Our visit to the print shop was the highlight of the course (as it usually is). For the students to see how a piece is printed was a real eye-opener, and it helped know how to put a project together with the right settings.

Due to the many questions and the huge amount of material to cover, we had to start having classes in the evening. The students were eager to learn, and it was a joy to share as much as I could. Children are going to be reached with the Gospel through them, and I only hope I did a good enough job.

Saturday was a special treat to tour Kiev and see the sights, and it was quite impressive.

I’m so thankful to have gone, and appreciate your prayers for not only my safely, but for Jen and the kids as well.


Ukraine part 1

I’m so thankful for free Wi-Fi at Washington Dulles airport! Five hour layovers go much faster when I can connect! It’s Saturday, February 23, and I’m on my way to the Ukraine to train workers in literature with Child Evangelism Fellowship®. But this wasn’t supposed to be how I was getting there.

Larry picked me up 45 minutes earlier on Thursday than what was originally scheduled. I wanted to make sure he got home before the storm hit. Snow was expected to start falling between 9-10 that morning. I had hoped to catch an earlier flight to Chicago, but all flights were full. It was pray and wait. 8:00. No snow. 9:00. No snow. 10:00. No snow. 10:02. Snowing like crazy. Then we found out our plane couldn’t be found, and a new crew had to be rounded up. Scheduled to leave at 10:43, we didn’t board the plane until after 11. We headed out to the tarmac to await de-icing. The plane next to us got it’s orange, then green shower. It took a long time. They got to us. The snow started falling more and more. Then the stewardess’ phone rang. No go. All flights cancelled. We headed back to the gate, and all flights the rest of the day and the next morning were off.

I picked up my luggage at the carousel and made my way to the counter to find out when I could get out. Saturday morning at the earliest was what I could do, so I took it and then called to see if there was any way to get back to Warrenton.

When you pray for God’s provision, sometimes it happens so fast you’re left wondering did He really set things up so perfectly?

It just so happened another driver was on his way to the airport to pick up someone whose plane was still slated to land. So Mark met me, we picked up the new arrival and headed back home. It wasn’t the funnest trip. The hour-long drive ended up being more than two hours long, but we were safe.

The hug I got from the kids and Jen were so worth it, and I very much enjoyed my two unexpected days in Warrenton.

So now I’m eagerly anticipating my 8 hour long flight to Germany and my connection to Kiev. And I’m still smiling.

It’s funny. At chapel on Wednesday we were reminded we need to praise the Lord if it snows, and if the sun shines. I couldn’t help but think about that these past few days. God is good. All the time. He knew what He was doing when the storm hit.

I can’t wait to share more about this trip. Talk to you later!



I’m the type of person who usually writes “Lord willing” or puts a “(DV)” into my sentences when talking about plans (James 4:15). “DV” meaning “Deo volente” or “God willing”. I do that because I often find my plans are not God’s plans. Case in point: we are still waiting on a house. We had planned to purchase a house between October and November of last year. We still don’t have one. We made an offer on a short-sale in August, and were told we could wait 90 days or more. There are many times I’ve given up. We’ve started looking again. I often wonder if we’re doing it wrong. If we’re too picky. If our geographical area we’re looking at is too small. Every time we give up on the “one”, something happens to give us more hope. Word comes in it’s “close”. More documents need signed. Other houses we were interested suddenly are no longer available.

Psalm 20: 1-4 says:

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble!
May the name of the God of Jacob protect you!
May he send you help from the sanctuary
and give you support from Zion!
May he remember all your offerings
and regard with favor your burnt sacrifices! Selah
May he grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfill all your plans! (ESV)

Jeremiah 29:11, an extremely well-known and oft quoted verse says:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. (ESV)

He knows our plans, and He wants what’s best for us. In praying for this house, we often wonder what God has planned for us. We’ve asked Him to guide and direct us. Is He not answering us? No. It’s just not on our terms–they’re on His. He knows what He’s doing. Perhaps He sees great heartache in this house. Perhaps he sees this is not the time.

This morning during devotions, I read the following quote from T. Dewitt Talmage:

When omniscience has lost its eyesight, and omnipotence falls back impotent, and Jehovah is driven from His throne, then the Church of Jesus Christ can afford to be despondent, but never until then. Despots may plan and armies may march, and the congresses of the nations may seem to think they are adjusting all the affairs of the world, but the mighty men of the earth are only the dust of the chariot wheels of God’s providence.

Thank you Lord, for reminding me Your plans are the best.

Speaking of plans, we’re making plans for the coming months, which are all Lord willing. I’ll be traveling to Ukraine the end of February to teach a new software design course to several CEF® workers from East and Central Europe.

In May, Lord willing, I’ll be going to Switzerland and Germany for the CEF European Conference.

Then this summer, Lord willing, we’ll travel to Pa and NY to visit supporters and supporting churches, help for a week at a CEF day camp and then for a week vacation.

We’d appreciate your prayers.

In Christ, -Brent


Brent’s parents house in Schroon Lake, NY.

For the first time in 6 years, we got a chance to celebrate Christmas with family. Words can’t describe how wonderful it’s been to share this time with our loved ones. We couldn’t keep counting all the many memories we’ll have, from the Echo Valley Christmas cantata, to KFC at Grammie’s, to our first Christmas Eve Candlelight service in 10 years (which caused lots of tears). It’s been a blessed time. Thank you, Lord, for this trip!

We would appreciate prayers as we head back home starting early Monday morning, Dec. 31. Thanks and blessings! -Brent

Filling our cups

“Nothing like it!” That was our reaction to Spiritual Renewal Week at CEF® International HQ, held just a few weeks ago. With amazing musicians and mind-blowing messages from John Politan, Mark Vroegop and Robert Morgan, we were able to be renewed spiritually. We are so grateful to have been under such fantastic teaching.

We were also able to greet coworkers and friends come from around the world. We had a little taste of heaven in that week. Praise God!


While it’s always nice to write about big things that happen, sometimes we just need to share the small stuff. Since we don’t have an internet connection at our temporary home, it’s a little more difficult to post these “little” things.

Our temporary home? It’s a two-bedroom double-wide trailer situated in an oak grove on campus here at the Child Evangelism Fellowship® International Headquarters. It was comfortably furnished when we arrived, which is a huge blessing in that we didn’t need to look for furnishings. Just a few weeks ago a 53 foot-long tractor trailer arrived with all our belongings from Switzerland, so we emptied out one side of the living room and made that our depot area. Boxes were moved as to make a cave for the kids to play in.

One thing I was especially excited about … our bikes had arrived! It’s been fun riding them around, and we even did a segment of the Katy Trail a few weeks ago, traveling about 4 miles from Marthasville toward the little town of Dutzow and back. Getting back to the car, the kids wanted to play on the playground just a block away, so I asked Jen if I could continue on heading west for a few miles. Three miles later, I got a flat tire, and I had no way of pumping it up (even though I did have a flat repair kit with me). I walked it back those three miles. Now this might sound funny, but I was glad for the slower pace and quite enjoyed the journey. At least it pushed me to learn how to fix my own flat, which I did this week.

We’ve still not heard anything about the house we put a bid on. The bid was accepted by the sellers, but it’s a short sale, so the sellers’ lending bank needs to approve the sale. It’s a beautiful 6-year old ranch home about three miles from CEF. It’s within walking distance of Amy’s current school. The basement is roughed in with 2×4’s and electrical wires. Some of it has even had insulation put in. The rest of the insulation needs put in, all the drywall needs hung, the wiring needs finished, the rooms will need painted and the flooring installed. We could hear as early as tomorrow about the home, or we might not hear until mid-December. We feel as though the Lord is really teaching us patience through all this!

Our ministry has continued during this time. The latest Good News Club® resource pack, David’s Reign, is in the proofing stage at the moment. The 8-lesson pack will need to be corrected and reviewed by the Multimedia Advisory Group and then black-and-white versions will be made before the files are uploaded for translation. We’ve still got a while to go but Lord-willing, they we be in use by next year throughout Europe.

We just had a short visit from our supervisor, Bogdan Bassara, and it was a joyful reunion! We’ve always appreciated Bogdan’s leadership and are thankful for him and his family. With his visits usually come more projects, and that was certainly the case! We’re looking forward to seeing how God will use the literature we work with in the coming months.

Thanks for praying!

A new creation

Last Monday night I was having devotions with Amy and Christopher using Every Day with God book 1. Amy had gone through it more than a year ago, but Christopher hadn’t so we decided to do it again. I was reading from day 6 and it asked the question “Have you asked God to forgive you?” Amy answered immediately “YES!” and Christopher said “I have too”. Shaking her finger, Amy scolded him. “No you haven’t! Every time Mommy or Daddy ask you if you want your sins forgiven you say no!” Christopher, in a quiet little voice said “but I’d like to.” Right then and there, I went over the plan of salvation with him, and had the wonderful opportunity to lead him to Christ. Lots of tears of joy were shed that night, and the next day, too! Many of you have been praying for his salvation, and I just want to say “thank you!”

Never would I have imagined that the devotional books I worked on would help lead one of my children to the Lord. Rarely do we hear from the field how our work impacted the life of a child, but actually living it has been such an encouragement. Christopher is now indeed a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Praise God for His grace and mercy!